Curated by Nicole

Sustainability starts with small steps—for Nicole, it began with adopting and repurposing clothes belonging to her family members. While the allure of fast fashion may be strong, Nicole learnt early on about the impact of consumerism on the environment, and made a conscious effort to stay sustainable within her means.
Her collection, consisting of carefully thrifted pieces and items passed down from an earlier generation, tell a tale of the recent past and crafted hopes for the future. Browse through and shop the four different looks below, each one with a story of its own that Nicole wants to share with the world. Learn more about her passion for sustainable thrifting here
  • Aquatic

    by Zi Xi There are a thousand different ways you could describe the... 

  • Safari

    by Zi Xi It’s funny how just one colour and a specific shape... 

  • Riverine

    by Zi Xi It was Bruce Lee who famously said: “Be water.” While...