Collection: Curated by Zixi

An artist and adjunct lecturer at NAFA, Zi Xi’s art has developed over the years—from employing a sense of dark humour, to boldly speaking up on social issues she advocates for. Under her moniker MessyMsxi, her aim is to have her art make an impact rather than just look aesthetically pleasing. Surprisingly, her fashion style is the exact opposite. 

Zi Xi prefers her clothing to be agile, flexible, and functional, allowing her to be on the move at any given situation or weather. Choosing to rotate the same set of clothes, she gravitates towards simple pieces of clothing. The pieces featured in her Shentonista Restyled collection showcase pieces collected during her travels, and styles that Zi Xi has outgrown in favour of a more simplified look. As you take a look through her three curated looks below, we're crossing our fingers that you enjoy these items as much as she did. Read more about Zi Xi here.