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About Shentonista Shop: 
Created and curated by 
UNIFORMShentonista has chronicled people, faces, and style around and about Shenton Way, and other business districts in Singapore since 2011. While Shentonista has led to many opportunities to work with amazing clients and meet wonderful people over the years, some of whom have become close friends, the team has always felt the desire to create something tangible they could call their own, giving rise to Patches, our first product, as well as this online store.

We’re proud to present something that’s been a long (and we mean long) time in the making—our very own pair of UNIFORM x ACRE socks, produced with the help of Supermama.

The design of the socks draws on two things: firstly, the pattern of pyjamas, for days when we’d rather be in bed and want to sneak a little comfort into our everyday officewear. Secondly, the design of old handkerchiefs, the type that our fathers and grandfathers would bring along to work. We wanted to pay tribute to them and at the same time, when wearing the socks, think about their dedication and sacrifice. While the generation nowadays tends to job-hop in order to ‘follow their dreams’, our fathers and grandfathers rarely had that luxury. Many of them have spent decades in the same industry (even the same company) because they were working for something bigger than themselves—their loved ones, a shelter over their heads, and food on the table.

Designed in Singapore by UNIFORM and ACRE
Made in Nara, Japan by SUPERMAMA

63% cotton
27% acryl
8% polyester
2% polyurethane

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