Collection: Curated by Alvin

An artist, designer, and creative director, Alvin follows his own style of sustainability by never window shopping or impulsively buying clothes, instead preferring vintage clothing such as band t-shirts, old sports t-shirts, and trinkets that truly catch his eye. While he tends towards unfussy pieces and go-to shades like blue, black, and white in his wardrobe, his eye for art and design lends itself to the small touches in his outfits, such as a pair of eccentric spectacles, a leopard print belt, or thoughtful gold jewellery. 

Alvin’s collection for Shentonista Restyled consists of carefully thrifted pieces and items that each represent a meaning, or tell a tale of the different generations that have passed, and the past he chooses to stay in. Browse through and shop the three different looks below, each one with a story of its own. Learn more about his passion for thrifting vintage band t-shirts here.